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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 6, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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massacre. and mold found at schools. parents demanding answers. were their kids' health put at risk? it is 5:30. relatively warm outside. good morning and welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. it's going to be a great day. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate weather forecast. bill? >> yeah. we'll see another nice, warm day today. there's lingering clouds here at the nbc10 studios, though. we're not seeing any fog. can't be said for some of the neighborhoods to our west. lancaster, now zero visibility fog. just light fog for coatesville and allentown. still time to thicken this morning. i don't expect it to impact northeast philadelphia, philadelphia, or wilmington. you might see spots of fog with the cooler temperatures in the suburbs. into the 60s for the lehigh valley. you see fog this morning, and then sunshine warms things up nicely. in fact, it's going to be summer-like this afternoon for much of the area. 81 in philadelphia. near 80 degrees for the suburbs and into the low 80s for new
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jersey, the lehigh valley, and delaware, too. and a nice warmup at the shore, into the upper 70s this afternoon. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you what's ahead for the day today and look toward the weekend when i'm back in less than ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. we're starting on the roosevelt boulevard and cameras at 17th street. so far, so good. both directions on the northbound and southbound side. maybe southbound if you're moving toward the schuylkill, you will have no problems there. on the blue route, we're doing okay. a pair of 14s for both sides of the drive times here, northbound and southbound from 95 to the schuylkill. and speeds are way up into the 60s. we're still not seeing any problems there. earlier, following some construction over the burlington bristol bridge, that's back open. we're clear now over the tacony palmyra. keep checking for any scheduled openings now. and we're nice and clear on the betsy ross, too. we're following breaking news. the philadelphia fire marshal is investigating the cause of a church fire in the point breeze neighborhood. the fire destroyed the mercy
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tabernacle church at 21st and reed streets. crews put out the flames. no one was hurt. pamela osborne has more live from the scene coming up at 6:00 a.m. this morning, the gun control debate is focused on bump stocks. this is what the device looks like. the las vegas shooter attached it to his gun during sunday's deadly rampage. this is why it's causing concern -- bump stocks modify guns, awe log hem -- allowing them to fire rapidly like an automatic weapon. they are legal. the president, speaker of the house, even the national rifle association say they would consider new laws to regulate bump stocks. >> not all gun owners agree. investigators found a dozen bump stocks in the las vegas shooter's room. a gun shop owner in jeffersonville says he's getting calls about bump stocks but doesn't have any available. >> a responsible gun owner, you do it in a controlled environment. i don't see anything wrong with
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it. >> there is no reason why anyone anywhere has to have a weapon like that. >> a local group marched to the office of congressman ryan costello in westchester last night to demand sentible gun -- sensible gun laws and a ban on bump stocks. a gun show starts at the at the greater philadelphia expo center in oaks. you may not see bump stocks for sale because they're not something a large majority of gun owners would buy. new from overnight, the clark county corn's office released the official list of the -- coroner's office released the official list of the people killed in the las vegas massacre. it includes the names of 58 people gunned down at the outdon concert and the name -- outdoor concert and the name of the gunman, stephen paddock, himself. and now investigators are looking at paddock's browsing history on the internet. they found he researched another music festival in las vegas and there was one in chicago. he even booked a hotel room in chicago but never checked in it.
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he also did searches on fenway park in boston. investigators are learning more about paddock from his girlfriend. according to two former fbi officials briefed on the case, marilou danley said that she remembers paddock lying in bed moaning and screaming, and he displayed memori eed mental hea symptoms. there's not been a clear moechb for the deadly shooting. and a line of crosses stands near the welcome to las vegas sign to remember the lives taken in the mass shooting. this post shows the crosses at the makeshift memorial. our coverage of the las vegas massacre continues on and on the nbc10 app. you can find reaction from victims, slide shows of the memorials, and get instant updates sent to your phone. new this morning, people are wondering what president trump meant when he told military leaders last night and the press it's the calm before the storm. the president made the cryptic remark during a pre-dinner photo
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session with his top military advisers and their spouses at the white house. the president asked reporters this -- >> you guys know what this represents? maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> it was. immediately clear whether president trump was referring to a military area of concern like north korea, fighting with isis, or iran's nuclear program, or if the president was making a joke about the dinner that followed the photo session. for the first time, we're getting a look at the mold that's inside a south jersey school now. take a look at this. the mold is causing health concerns. parents want to know if their kids' health was put at risk. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal has more from williamstown, gloucester county. what are school officials doing at holly glen elementary to fix the problem? >> reporter: the plan is to clean the school, but it could take a while. might not open until 2018. mold was found in the hallways,
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classrooms, even in the library. yesterday, parents got to look at some of the photos, take a look at that. black mold growing on a ceiling inside this school. yesterday, an auditorium of parents went to the education meeting. some gave the board an earful after the report revealed mold inside holly glen elementary school. students for the meantime are going to be bussed to other schools in the district when classes room on tuesday. the monroe township public school superintendent said a crew will start cleaning the building, replating the outdated hvac system. some parents saying this has been happening for years, and there's concern it could be in other schools in the district. >> i hope this is not another flint. this isn't a problem that you just sweep away or you glibly answer. this affects their health. this affects their cognitive ability. we're talk aboing about a schoo district that is not mindful of
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that. >> reporter: several parents said they want every single school in the district tested for mold. some parents saying they will head to lowe's and pick up mold test kits for themselves. we're told the school could open in the spring of 2018. nbc10 news. >> thank you. 5:37. police say a chester county paramedic should have been educating a teenage boy and instead took advantage of him. the teen told police he had fallen asleep during an overnight career development ride-along. the teen says he woke up to this man, kenneth mason, touching him. mason's attorney questions the allegation since the teen wait until the end of the shift to report the incident. police say he didn't have much choice because they were in a rural area. mason has yet to appear in court and denies anything happened in the first place. now to the crisis in puerto rico. the governor says they are slowly making progress distributing aid across the
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island. nearly 80% of gas stations are open, supermarkets are back in business. however, there's still slow progress being made at restoring cell phone service, electricity, and safe drinking water. it could be another two weeks before schools reopen. and olney charter high school is taking donations for puerto rico. starts at 11:00 a.m. they're looking for everything from medical supplies to moon perishable foods. the school says it's in a,nique position to overcome -- in a unique position to overcome some of the logistics problems reported on the island. the administrative assistant is connected to religious centers in three different municipalities across the island. and thousands of so-called dreamers eligible for renewed protection from deportation may have missed the deadline to apply. federal officials estimate around 36,000 people covered by daca or the deferred action for childhood arrivals program, hadn't met yesterday's deadline to put in their applications. under president trump's phaseout
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program, dreamers whose permits were set to expire before march 5th had until yesterday to submit in a renewal along with a $495 fee. congress also has until march 5th to come up with daca legislation. septa is making changes to its quick-trip tickets. riders who buy the quick-trip tickets will be able to use them at any market, frankford, or line, not just where they bought the pass. customers will have the flexibility to buy two quick trips at one time for the start of their second and second for the return trip. with temperatures hitting the low 80s, i know it doesn't feel like fall. at the rockefeller skating rink in new york city, they hope that you're ready for the cold-weather tradition. the rink opens for ice skating tomorrow. for the next few months, tourists will be able to lace up their skates and hit the ice which seems crazy with these temperatures. >> sure does.
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that's serious refrigeration equipment there. you'll need the air conditioning this afternoon. warm this morning. in the upper 60s right now in philadelphia. by lunchtime, 77. 70 is the normal high. we'll be in the low 80s this afternoon in philadelphia. you'll see a similar warmup in the suburbs, 61 degrees now. you may run into fog with the cooler temperatures this morning. once the temperatures start climbing, the fog will quickly disappear. 78 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. the lehigh valley will seal temperatures this morning in the 60s. into the upper 70s this afternoon. dry conditions for new jersey, too. there are a few scattered clouds. the sprinkles that came through overnight out of the picture for the rest of the day. the clouds will be breaking. 65 degrees now. 65 at 8:00. then upper 70s by lunchtime. low 80s this afternoon for new jersey. yankee stadi you'll see a nice warmup at the shore. partly to mostly sunny skies. 64 on this their hour.
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66 -- at this hour. 66 at 8:00. and a dry day for delaware though there are changes ahead for the weekend. you won't see rain clouds today. 60s as the clouds thin this morning, into the upper 70s and low 80s this afternoon. yes, we'll see a few showers this weekend. the chance of some scattered showers during the eagles/cardinals game with temperatures that will still be warm in spite of the wet weather, up to 80 degrees at 4:00 in the afternoon. i'll show you when the showers are likely to move into your neighborhood and when they'll be moving out when i come back with the ten day on 10. >> see you then. about 19 minutes before 6:00 a.m. we'll look at 295 in south jersey. >> jessica boyington with that. >> we're watching with 295 near the black horse pike. near 168. so far, so good. earlier, we were dealing with construction on the off ramp from route 168 to 295. that's back open in both directions now. southbound from 38 toward this point, a 13-minute drive time. speeds into the mid 60s.
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so no problems yet. we just looked at 295 here. the rest of the new jersey roads are okay, too. northbound and southbound, new jersey turnpike is clear. same goes for the 42 freeway. here's the lehigh valley. 78 around lehigh street, currently no problems in both directions. you see east and west moving just fine. >> thank you. trouble for students paying in-state tuition. a drawn-out budget battle is keeping millions away from campus. i realized that the joke was really on me. >> online apology. the nfl star at the center of controversy is saying sorry for a statement to a woman reporter.
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is it too late to say sorry? cam newton doesn't think so. the quarterback is apologizing for a remark he made to a female reporter that some say was sexist. take a listen. >> seemed to really embrace the physicality of the routes -- >> it's funny to hear a female talk about routes, like -- funny. >> the reporter wasn't amused. she tweeted, "i don't think it's funny to be a female and talk about routes. i think it's my job." and newton says in his apology that he wants young people to learn from his mistake. he also said his words didn't completely line one his thoughts. >> after careful thought, i understand that my word choice was degrading and disrespectful to women. and to be honest, that was not my intention. >> prominent sports commentators to people on social media, there was immediate response about his comment and actions. newton has been dropped from major sponsors like dannon. in pennsylvania, instate
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tuition is in a battle over a budget funding gap. the hang-up impacts penn's vet school, temple, lincoln, penn state, and pitt. the money is being held up because lawmakers still haven't been able to address the $2 billion gap in the state budget. one affected school may increase tuition for instate students as a remedy. another says they're being conservative with cash to prepare for the worst case scenario while hoping for the best. >> makes me we will feel here wildcat not safe and locked -- like we're not safe and locked into our education. >> need to figure something out and compromise. >> the last deal fell flat. for now, no new negotiation vs. been planned. representatives won't return to harrisburg for nearly two weeks. today the season to get scared -- a -- 'tis the season to get scared. >> boot. -- boo! >> this evening is opening night
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for "monster mountain" at camel back resort. resort will be debuting two new attritions. one is the -- attractions. one is the 4,500-monster coaster. the other is the eight-story lights-out zipline. i can't -- i want to cover my eyes. >> why is that fun? >> a roller coaster is scary enough do. we need to add monsters? >> i don't like to get dizzy. i don't like to be scared. >> the two -- you're really not. i like those things. i wouldn't want to do it once a week. but once a year, that's okay. >> there's your customer right there. that's your target market. i think i have a lot of head coach weather customers with the extended summer-like weather. seeing fog. most areas are seeingelingering clouds. -- seeing lingering clouds.
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sprinkles are out of the pchkt as the clouds break, we're seeing cooler temperatures in the suburbs. it doesn't last long. another warm afternoon, into the 80s. a mild evening. there will be scattered clouds, but staying dry through the evening hours. the fog starting to form in the lehigh valley and suburbs. doesn't look very foggy in easton. temperatures still falling this hour. the sun is not coming up until a couple of minutes after 7:00. there's still time for fog to form in the lehigh valley and suburbs where temperatures are in the 60s. this time of year, we should be seeing more. we would normally see numbers in the 40s this time of year. we are on borrowed, warm weather time. bedminster, 64, 62 degrees now in washington township. it's going to be warm at the bus stop. mild. cool but warm for this time of year. 63 in exton. 66 in wilmington, and nomination, 66. no rain showers for the ride to
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school or home. there are a few clouds around. those will thin, we get sunshine. and then we're dry until rarity in the weekend. on sunday -- later in the weekend. on sunday, look at the wet weather to the west. there's a chance showers will move in on sunday. then tropical storm nate has yet to move into the gulf of mexico. that storm is further to the south. it's supposed to get a move on and strengthen. that will likely take it into the gulf coast by early sunday morning as a weak hurricane. still strong enough to do damage with some heavy rainfall and some flooding concerns. the moisture comes our way early next week. not today. 81 degrees this afternoon. 82 for your saturday. dry on saturday. might see fog in the morning. out in the afternoon. the clouds are building on sunday. a chance of some showers on sunday. high of 80 degrees. then here come the remnants of nate. hearing a possibility of showers and some thunderstorms.
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monday and monday night into tuesday morning. by tuesday afternoon, starting to clear out. and then we cool down. a little bit on wednesday. come thursday, friday, and saturday, highs in the 60s. and then into the upper 70s next sunday. >> wow. thanks. 5:51. we'll get you to work if you're heading out the door. >> jessica boyington is looking at the schuylkill at girard. >> watching that right now. no problems so far. right here, the eastbound side moving toward center city, you can see the city in the background. i really like this shot here. just getting off to philadelphia at the zoo actually. westbound no problems right now. eastbound, good to go. from the blue route to the vine, speeds are about into the mid 60s still. and still with the drive time about 13 minutes or so. watch for a disabled vehicle in abington on old york at hart road. that's new into the system. not causing too many problems. 95 looks good southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. a 13-minute trip. speeds into the 60s.
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>> thank you. you're never too busy to get a mammogram. that's the mention from a breast cancer survivor. >> yesterday in montgomery county, employees at pjm interconnection took tyime to listen to survivors talk about the importance of breast cancer screening. october is breast cancer awareness month. cancer survivors say you should really think about awareness and prevention all year long. >> wlehether it's breast cancerr prostate cancer or a routine, you know, wellness screening, you need to be an advocate for yourself all the time. >> those are two survivors there. i was also invited to share my story of breast cancer, my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. we just thought it would be a helpful thing for the women there to remind them to get your mammograms, don't be afraid, everybody's there to help you. and it's just so important. >> power in numbers. everyone being together. >> uh-huh. >> great survivor stories. someone's in the kitchen, and it's not exactly appetizing.
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>> what shut down a new jersey restaurant. and top of the pack. the eagles leading the east and getting ready to tackle the next challenger. and coming up, stand or kneel? what the majority of americans think of the nfl national anthem protest and president trump's response.
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a restaurant at the jersey shore is closed after police spotted exotic animals inside. officers took pictures two of birds standing on a plate and a cat by the bagels. a litter box is under the sink at a.j.'s cafe in galloway township. police were looking for the owner, jacob cohen, for an unrelated matter on friday which weath -- on friday when they spotted the animals where food is prepared. the restaurant was cited for unsanitary conditions. >> disgusting. >> it should not happen. there's no excuse for it. >> this is something that i've never seen. i worked in the restaurant business for years prior to being a police officer. >> a post on the restaurant's facebook page says the animals were completely separated from prep areas and no safety -- no
5:57 am
food safety was compromised. now we'll take you state by state and county by county for a look at stories from across the area. >> in delaware, a racial slur could get two students peblexpe. this shows the mascot from caesar rodney high school hollanding a sign with the slur -- holding a sign with the slur. it's been taken down from social media. the students involved have been suspended. police say they will not face criminal charges. in bucks county, police there now say that they determined a report about a sexual assault at the state park is false. investigators say the victim admitted that she made up the story, and there's no threat to the public. in the lehigh valley, fedex will add 700 jobs in allentown for the holiday season. majority of hires will be package handlers. if you're looking for a long-term job, fedex says this is a great way to get your foot in the door. last year the company says about one-third of its seasonal hires
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were kept for full-time employment. the eagles off to a good start. they're back at home this sunday to host the cardinals. four weeks into the season, they stood alone at the top of the division with the record of 3-1. last year they started out strong, if you remember, before the bottom fell out and they missed the playoffs. some of the older vets know that you can't take anything for granted this early in the season. >> we have the opportunity to win another game at home. that's all we can focus on. we can't celebrate too long on things we've accomplished so far and can't look too far off in the future to have what we have now slip away. >> nbc10 is your eagles headquarters. you can start with eagles game day kickoff. we'll have exclusive interviews with cory clement and more. that starts at 9:30 on sunday morning. stick around for the eagles' game plan with nbc sports philadelphia's john clark.
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time to announce the results of our high school blitz game of the week. look at that, a landslide. eastern timber creek the winner. we'll have highlights from that game and more tonight on nbc10 news at 11:00. >> not even close. those kids will get full coverage, full treatment. now for more of the stories we're following at 6:00 a.m. -- >> church destroyed. breaking overnight, flames tear through a house of worship in philadelphia. live on the scene asking what sparked the fire. a deadly family feud. a murder mystery in the lehigh valley comes into focus after police take down the suspect following a standoff. and calm before the storm. the cryptic remark president trump made while taking this picture last night with the nation's top military leaders. a lot to get to. busy friday. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate weather forecast. >> starting off warm and dry in
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philadelphia. we saw a few sprinkles come through overnight. there's a little moisture. and now as clouds break, the temperatures are cooling. some areas of fog, allentown, one-mile visibility, zero visibility in lancaster. the fog won't last. any fog will disappear quickly once the temperatures start to climb. they will be warming up. it's unusually warm this morning. it's dropped one more degree. seems like we're losing one degree an hour in philadelphia. down to 63 in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. some spots of fog. new jersey is fog free and 65 degrees. 66 right now in dover. warm sunshine, clouds breaking, 81 for philadelphia. near 80 for the suburbs. look at new jersey, inland and at the shore, nice warmup today. that's ocean city. nice and clear for the afternoon. for clearing temperatures and temperatures warming into the 80s today. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you what the day looks like in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. starting out in


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